Our Philosophy

Play is children’s work at pre-school and we aim to develop a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where children feel free to try new experiences, make new friends and develop attitudes and skills which will be of value to them throughout their lives.

Belonging “..together..”

We build warm and trusting relationships where children are affirmed and their emotional, social, cognitive, physical, creative and spiritual being are respected. We encourage respect and empathy toward others and work actively to listen to and empower children.

At WHPS, we want children to recognise that they belong, can contribute and are accepted. We strive to create an inclusive, flexible and collaborative environment, where all families and children are valued, encouraged and given opportunities to become active members and contributors in our preschool.

Children playing

Becoming “..grow, learn..”

At WHPS, we want learning to be flexible, interactive and fun. We provide a stimulating, safe and supportive environment in which children are free to contribute, explore, experiment, take risks, reflect and thrive. We nurture a positive self-concept and attitude toward learning by providing children with individualised learning opportunities and a wide variety of new learning experiences.

We view children as capable and competent learners who are encouraged to grow in independence and actively involved and directive in their learning; in both group and individual experiences.

Being “..celebrate..”

Children are respected and valued as individuals who bring with them their own life experiences, knowledge, ideas, abilities and cultures. We promote uniqueness and celebrate each child as they are and for who they are; while still being challenged to grow.

We acknowledge the here and now. We value children’s well being and provide children time and space to ‘be’, to live the moment, learn through play and enjoy their childhood.

‘Together we grow, learn and celebrate the journey’